The song is not finished yet, an open love letter to my Nashville <3

Now is the right time to tell the world why I have loved Nashville so much over the years. And trust me I will always love Nashville.

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Missing Nashville to pieces ❤️

Months have gone by since our beloved show has been taken away from us. Some of us have been disappointed by this season 5 and quit watching, some are still watching and are happy with it. We can have different opinions but still respect one another. But even if we disagree, we should remember one... Continue Reading →

Can’t remember never loving you

Deacon & Rayna, Our Deyna, ❤ "I love you. I've loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. The first time I ever heard you play a note on the guitar. First time I ever heard you laugh. And even through all the hell we put each other through, I love you... Continue Reading →

I have never not loved you, Deacon …

Every woman should definitely has a Deacon in her life ❤ Why do I love Deacon so much? First of all, because he is half of Deyna! He's been through so much pain during the past seasons, but his love for Rayna, his daughter(s), his niece, his friends & family, has helped him went through... Continue Reading →

For the love of Rayna

To Rayna Jaymes, To Connie Britton, Many people may not understand that you can care so much about a fictional TV character but I did care & loved so much Rayna Jaymes. To me she definitely was not just fictional, she actually was pretty real. And that's because of the talented actress behind her, Connie... Continue Reading →

Nashville feelings

" I have been sadden to see this divide between Nashies recently 😦 it started with rumors and has been intensified since then. And now that we know it was true it just blew up even more. I think most of us agree that Connie had every right to leave. It's her life and she... Continue Reading →

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