My story of my favorite show Nashville – sadly no more!

” I fell in love with this show the very first time it aired on ou M.Net Channel here in South Africa. I told my family and everyone else, one day I will go to Nashville, even if I have to use some of my pension money, I just need to go there, it became a dream of mine, I want to see this beautiful city called Nashville. The show, the great music, musicians, and actors inspired me. (I am a huge country music lover for many many many years. Country Music is very big here in S.A).

Rayna and Deacon … with that very first song Already Gone and the hand on the shoulder I was hooked and that scene on the bridge sealed it for me!

Connie gave us Rayna, classy, stunning and beautiful, not perfect, but somebody who I can relate too and she jump into my heart boots and all with her brilliant performance throughout the seasons, so talented, a strong leading lady, it’s like real life! Deacon and Rayna’s chemistry is so magical everybody could see and feel it … that is where their love story began, Deacon is my guy and Deyna have a special permanent place in my heart! All the other characters one by one steps into my heart with their beautiful songs, music and acting skills. I really was hooked!

I became a Nashie firstly through Facebook and then later on Twitter. So proud to be a Nashie from abroad from another country. I met some great friends all over the world, Nashville is so important to us, we could chat everyday and everything Nashville! Because I’m abroad and stay so far away from Nashville, it became my daily adventure to know more, especially those friends staying in Nashville and the States. They can go to all concerts, I can’t, but it gave me such happiness when they tell us with enthusiasm about it all. I just need to know more about the Show & Nashville through them and the Actors on the Show. I became a proud Nashie!!

My favorite couple Deyna was my inspiration, with their determination through all the struggles and turmoil to le LOVE win and the ultimate prize for me was their beautiful wedding in S4.

When ABC cancelled Nashville I participated in #BringBackNashville fearsly. I made many many edits and posted it! I was so happy for the return of S5. NASHVILLE IS BACK yeah.

But oh my what a shocker and cruel way to kill of Rayna the Star of the Show, the Heart and Soul of the Show, the Unfinished Love Story of the Show, the Deyna happiness of the show, Deacon’s love of his life and the girls’ Mom of the Show in E8 & E9 everything that matters is gone! It was a wrong decision. The heart and soul of Nashville is ripped away. Yes it was Connie’s choice to leave, but have a heart there were other ways too, the Fandom, Deacon and the girls would have understand if she could dissapear for a few episodes like Juliette did, because they love Rayna and we love Rayna! It was cruel and devastating. heartbroken and sad through tears I wished it rather ended at season 4. Everything we hoped for, Deyna happiness till the end (forever & always, Deyna tour, Deyna album everything is gone! Nashville will not be the same without Rayna!

But Rayna forever in my heart, Connie Britton an inspiration to so many woman worldwide is forever in my heart, Deacon who plays a mean guitar player and singing so beautiful to Rayna, As Simple As That and Deyna My Favorite Hurricane couple is forever in my heart with tears in my eyes I say Bye Nashville bye!!!”

Written by a true Nashie from South Africa









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