Nashville feelings

” I have been sadden to see this divide between Nashies recently 😦 it started with rumors and has been intensified since then. And now that we know it was true it just blew up even more.

I think most of us agree that Connie had every right to leave. It’s her life and she has to do what’s best for her. I appreciate everything she has done and will always adore her for being so good not only as an actress but as a human.

I am sad to see her go and would have wished to see her on again somewhere down the line. But have to accept it might never happen.

I was really anxious beforehand with spoilers since I would have wanted to be prepared better knowing how much it would break me. So wanting to apologize if I was too depressing for some it just is what it is and not really anyone’s fault.

Only thing I really am disappointed is the killing off, since I think there would have been ways to let Rayna live off screen. And doing so would have been all ok because we could have though ourselves how the story would end and hope would have stayed alive.

So for me watching with her truly gone from existence anywhere would be too painful at least right now. But I understand not all think the same and there are things many can still enjoy. And I’m happy for you since it is truly a good show and I will forever love and support all of the cast.

So please don’t keep saying people stopping watching aren’t true fans. We are, we also have to do like Connie and do what’s best for our well-being. And there is no reason to bash anyone for these choices. Neither Connie nor other fans. And in general we should all respect respect each other as human beings. Criticizing is ok and bashing not. Love is always more powerful than hate.

I have nothing but love for everyone in cast and fans and will continue to support anything connected to this Nashville journey even if not capable to watch to keep my sanity for now. I just felt too much in love with Rayna and Deyna. Which tells how great job Connie and Chip did ❤

Forever thankful ”

Written by a faithful fan Sini from Finland




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