For the love of Rayna

To Rayna Jaymes, To Connie Britton,

Many people may not understand that you can care so much about a fictional TV character but I did care & loved so much Rayna Jaymes. To me she definitely was not just fictional, she actually was pretty real. And that’s because of the talented actress behind her, Connie Britton, who portrayed her so well and put so much of her into it.

For the first time ever on television, there was a beautiful, strong and brave woman as a leading lady: Rayna Jaymes ❤

To me she was and still is the most iconic TV female character of all time, she represented everything I wanted to be as a woman. Watching her struggles with her demons and going after what she really wanted no matter what, gave me more strength to pursue all of my dreams. She was smart, fearless, caring, loving and so beautiful (inside & out). Don’t get me wrong she made a lot of mistakes, but always found her way back to what she loved and to her loved ones. For 4 and a half year, she showed to every single woman around here that you can actually be a woman and have it all.

She truly is a role model (as much as Connie Britton). She made me strongest, fearless and really going after what I wanted no matter what. She made me a better person. For that I am grateful.

At some point Connie Britton was Rayna Jaymes, Rayna Jaymes was Connie Britton.

So letting Rayna Jaymes go like that was totally unfair and not true at all to her character or to Connie Britton. By killing Rayna, you just not killed a fictional character, you killed everything she represented, everything she had worked so hard for, you killed our hopes & dreams and you killed the magic. It was just the easiest move for you, and I’ll never ever forgive you.

As Rayna Jaymes said once “Dust yourself off and go back on”.

No one will ever love you like we do Rayna Jaymes, Connie Britton,

The song is not finished,

Rayna is still very alive



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