Rayna and Deacon forever & for always

Take me back to the start …

When we first met them, Rayna and Deacon are actually not together but pretty much in love with each other. That very first scene on the bridge was so moving, that’s when I knew I wanted to be part of their journey. I never imagined back then that it would take me to this huge Nashville adventure 🙂


Through all their ups & downs and also the beautiful music they made together, these two were always so deeply connected to each other. Can we talk about that scene in the Blue Bird Café? They just sat there, looked at each other and sang that beautiful song (forever one of my favorite) “No one will ever love you”. So sweet, yet so touching … each time they sang together, it was a blessing. This is how the story began, this is how the story should end.


Charles Esten & Connie Britton voices are just the sweetest and most comforting sound in the whole world. And despite what she says, Connie Britton, truly has a beautiful voice (she should definitely sing more with Charles Esten 😉 ).

Thanks to the phenomenal chemistry between the great actors portraying Rayna (Connie Britton) & Deacon (Charles Esten), this story feels really real even though it is just TV. Those two are so kind, so generous, so talented and so committed to their characters. They deserve a proper ending for their story, for the magic that was once Nashville, and for the fans …


The Deyna love is unconditional, unbreakable, immortal ❤

Those new writers may have done the unforgivable to our favorite couple, their love will live on forever, their love can endure anything. And I don’t know how yet but they’ll get the ending we all deserve. Just so you know, you will never ever going to take away from us, the Deyna epic love story. It belongs to them as much as it belongs to us.

I love you and it’s as simple as that

The song is not finished



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