I have never not loved you, Deacon …

Every woman should definitely has a Deacon in her life ❤

Why do I love Deacon so much? First of all, because he is half of Deyna! He’s been through so much pain during the past seasons, but his love for Rayna, his daughter(s), his niece, his friends & family, has helped him went through those obstacles. Deacon is a guy who feels very deeply (as Rayna said once to Maddie) but who is always there to the ones he loves especially for Rayna.

He is far from being perfect, he has made a lot mistakes, anyway he is so touching. He has touched my heart with his pain, his generosity, his kindness, his failures and of course his music.

He is a hell of a singer & guitar player. I’ve been fan of Deacon’s music, wether he sang alone, with Scarlett, Maddie, Daphne or with Rayna. I’ve got to admit that the Rayna and Deacon duets were my favorites ❤ That Nashville magic was there anytime those two sang together, their voices were just the perfect sound to me.

But the very main reason, I love Deacon so much, is because of the actor behind him: Charles Esten. He loves so much his job, Nashville, his character, his cast & crew (and also the fans). He has been the best Nashville advocate, Thank YOU so much for that. He is so talented, yet so humble and just the nicest to the fans.
I’ve been lucky enough to have met him in London last year, I was too impress to even talk (sorry for that, I’ll do better this year). Thank you so much for always trying to make every single Nashie happy (but let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t!) & for using your voice to what truly matters to you.

I’ve been a big fan of Deacon’s music and I am now a huge fan of Charles Esten’s music. His music just speaks to my heart so much. Friday is officially my favorite day of the week!

“There is thinking about doing something, and there is just doing it.”
We did it once, so let’s do this again, Nashies, for the love of Rayna & Deacon. They deserved a better ending.

The song is not finished



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