No one will ever love you, like we do <3

Songs have been a huge part of Nashville, and I do love so many of them so much. One of the many reasons I was completely crazy in love with this show was the music. This is what has made Nashville so magical all over the years. Those songs so well-written always reflected the lives of the characters.

The duets between Rayna & Deacon are by far my favorites. The deep deep connection of those two characters were most likely felt through their music. When they cannot talk to each other because it was too painful, they poured their hearts out by just singing to each other … Magical, touching, painful sometimes but always so grateful that I got to hear them sing together.

Their first ever duet was in Season 1, Deacon asked Rayna to come sing with him …
Singing “No one will ever love you” at the Bluebird Café may be one of their best moment together (even if they were not actually together at that time), this chemistry was there & you just knew that these 2 were meant for each other. This is how the story began, this is how the story should end.

“I’m all you got
I’m all you’ll ever need
I’m all you’ll ever have
No one will ever love you
Like I do”

Just watch & listen, you’ll know why I fell in LOVE with those 2 & the real Nashville ❤

The song is not finished


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