Can’t remember never loving you

Deacon & Rayna, Our Deyna, ❤

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. The first time I ever heard you play a note on the guitar. First time I ever heard you laugh. And even through all the hell we put each other through, I love you now.”

This season 3 scene (episode 11), maybe one of my very favorite between the 2 of them. So emotional, so real, so sweet, from this moment I knew that I will stick with them no matter what, that I will be team Deyna forever.


I’ve watched & loved so many TV shows all over the years, I’ve been a huge fan of many TV couples but as far as I can remember none of them made me feel the way Rayna & Deacon did. The main reason, I have loved them so much, is because of the great chemistry between the 2 incredible actors portraying them: Charles Esten & Connie Britton.
I think I admire them as much as they admire each other. I’ve become a huge fan of both of them for so many different reasons, for that I’ll forever be grateful to Nashville.

From that very first scene on the bridge to that last scene in the kitchen, they just stuck with each other through all their ups & downs.  Even when they were not together, you could feel that deep deep connection. This epic love story is the most beautiful, touching, painful, emotional, enduring love story I’ve ever watched on Tv. This one is pretty special & will never ever end ❤

Today is a very special day for Rayna & Deacon, their first anniversary as a married couple. To celebrate this day, I want to remember all the happy moments they had together.
There is simply no way they don’t get the ending they deserve, we all deserve …


So as Rayna said to Deacon in season 3:
“So let’s at least experience the joy of whatever life has to offer for us right now. Please stop fighting me. Fight for us.” Let’s fight for them ❤

Deyna are forever

The song is not finished



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