Never let a little fear get in your way 

Nashville has been so different for any other TV shows I’ve ever watched (& I’ve watched a lot of TV shows!) … if you ask me why, I don’t know where to start to answer that question. I’ll try anyway.

What Nashville was all about?

Nashville was a show about music, about that magical city, about what it means to be an artist, but most of all Nashville was a show about WOMEN!

For the first time like EVER (at least to me), women were the heart & soul of a TV show. It was about what it meant to be a woman living in a man’s world. Many women, many different characters, but one was their leading lady: Rayna Jaymes. This one proved to us all that you can be a woman over 40 (anyway, this doesn’t really matter) & be extraordinary. She failed many times & became successful, but she never ever gave up on her dreams … She ran her own business while struggling to be the best mom, wife & eventually  just trying to be herself. Rayna Jaymes wisdom was all around Nashville.


And you can say whatever you want, she truly became through all those years the heart & soul of the show, the rock who has tied together of all those characters. Don’t get me wrong, I also loved so much the men of Nashville. The way, those men were portrayed, was truly unique. They were so touching, so supportive and so loving.
It’s not about whose the strongest, it’s about being able to live all together, men & women, equally.

Nashville used to be a feminist show!

I’ll cherish the Nashville I used to love, forever. The Nashville that has empowered so many women all around the world (Thank You Connie Britton for that), that has showed us that you can make all of your dreams come true, that everything is possible if you work hard.

What makes me very sad, is that this truly, unique, precious, show became something I barely recognize. Nashville has lost its soul & its own purpose along the way.

“It’s not about who you love the most, it’s about what Nashville was all about that has been lost forever.”

The song is not finished



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