Missing Nashville to pieces ❤️

Months have gone by since our beloved show has been taken away from us. Some of us have been disappointed by this season 5 and quit watching, some are still watching and are happy with it. We can have different opinions but still respect one another. But even if we disagree, we should remember one thing that WE are all still fans.

We feel betrayed, and we have every right to be. I never ever campaigned to bring back a TV show before, & back then I just had the feeling that Nashville had so many more stories left to be told. Today, I am sad about what has been done to my favorite TV Show. Trust me, it’s not just about Rayna, it’s about the heart & soul of Nashville, it’s about all the other characters that are not themselves anymore (especially Scarlett), it’s about the music, it’s about the stories and it’s about the magic … All those special tiny little things, that have made Nashville, such a precious, unique TV Show, are gone forever.

I have been a Deyna fan, I can’t deny it but most of all I have been a Nashville fan. If you ask me why, I am not sure I can even answer to this. It’s the Nashville feels, the atmosphere, the stories, the music, the cast & crew and everything that goes with it. The Nashville I love may be gone, I will always and forever be a fan. I have invested too much of myself to let it go like this. And down this road I have met so many fabulous people, & without this mess we probably never have met, for that I am so so grateful. I am sure this is only the beginning of a wonderful adventure we have to live together.

You may be still happy with this new version of Nashville, and I respect your choices but don’t ask me to watch a show I don’t recognize & support anymore.

In the end what matters the most is that we are & we will always be Nashies, all of us.

So let’s honor Nashville & remember that Together we stand 🙂

The Song Is Not Finished



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